12 gauge blank "AAI C100"

Sold to me as a shotgun grenade launching blank. Really? I have my own theory, someone was making an IAA centennial commemorative cartridge and misspelled IAA. Any info is appreciated.

Nope, bad theory. Try googling “aai experimental ammunition”.

Thanks, I found the previous post AAI C100 Special Purpose Military Cartridge Identification?. I borrowed Fede’s pic from his post some time ago.

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Have the same cartridge for many years when I got it I was told it was a Pilot seat ejection
cartridge do not know what type of aircraft have to make your own mind up what it is.

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Another thing is that the IAA (internation ammunition association) is not nearly 100 years old!

What an interesting concept!

I think these came packed in the plastic tube

Interesting to see the split one with the thick primer base plate

Not all have the stamped “headstamp” marking

I would not call them rare or scarce.

The split one is the result of condensed (sowith hardened and becoming brittle) metal from the drawing process which missed annealing or was an unsuitable brass alloy.

One not assembled.
AAI%20%20C100%20base%20%26%20top AAI%20C100%20side%20view

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