12 gauge LESS LETHAL by Beretta (?)

Just received a "Less Lethal " 12 gauge case, but it is lathe turned aluminium 66,84 mm long and has a .38 Short Colt ( by starline) case as primer. There’s an inside aluminium disk about 23 mm from the mouth with a single flash hole.
Inside mouth diam is 18,96 mm then a small step that takes inside diam to about 16,5 mm, about 19, 67 mm from the mouth

Someone says that this was specially made for Beretta shotguns.

I don’t know if these shells came out in the USA. If so, could someone tell me how they are loaded?

NB: will add pictures as soon as possible ( my camera is KO)

Here’s what I found. Very interesting


Sounds similar to the XM1006/DefTec eXact Impact cartridge…aluminum case powered/primed by a .38 Short case. The DT cartridge has a reloadable practice analog; we punch out the .38 with a dowel, reload with a spec’d .38 provided in the kit, push in another plastic practice projo and fire again.

This new system by Beretta just proves again that there’s seldom anything really new. In September 1971, MBA submitted a proposal to the U.S. Army to do the same thing Beretta has done, but by modifying an M-79 40mm grenade launcher. MBA had previously submitted a 40mm Stun-Bag less-lethal cartridge to be used in the M-79 and M-203 for riot control.

One of the unresolved issues with MBA’s Stun-Bag cartridge was that there had to be several different power-level variations to deal with rioters at different ranges, the same issue Beretta is dealing with. If a “Long Range,” e.g., high power, round was used at a close range, it could be lethal.

MBA’s “Graded Lethality Weapon” was proposed to be the solution, where one power level cartridge could be used at multiple ranges by venting propellant gasses by various amounts. However, MBA’s modification was somewhat crude compared to Beretta’s because the shooter using the MBA device had to visually estimate the range and manually turn a dial to match. The Army, in its reply to MBA, stated that at typical ranges of 200 feet, tests showed that human estimations of range were normally about 25% off. Beretta’s system is much more precise, but of course Beretta’s technology (ghost ring target bracketing) was not available to MBA in 1971. Still, MBA had the right idea.

There will be more details of the MBA system in my book’s supplemental chapter 28, in work now.