12 gauge RC4 Red Shot Supernik Italian box

What is the language above Czech (bottom of 4th photo)? Romanian? Interesting selection of languages. Also it says that lead is known in the State of California to cause cancer (bottom of 2nd photo). That’s the first time I hear this.

Can’t answer about the language but CA is the mainstay of banning lead shot. Has been for years.

That this Italian company is now linking it directly to cancer is probably not new as it is that was the main reason for the banning of lead shot. Started in migratory birds & then Condors. & now I’d would think in CA should you walk past a lead BB you could be in trouble.

Actually the wording is probably from the company’s lawyer wanting to leave no room to sue.


Vlad crop out the section you are asking for. I have no idea which one you mean.

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Vlad, this is Turkish.

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There is Turkish TR, and Czech, Spanish, etc

Basically Italian production for most of Europe ( and non English Speakers in Commie Formia
( CA).
Doc AV

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