12 gauge Whale Marker Cartridges


I have seen these before… for the life of me… cant remember what they are called…


These are Canadian whale marker cartridges.


NANAIMO is a town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
FRBC might be Fisheries Research British Columbia?


thanks Fede…

[quote=“alpinehunter”]NANAIMO is a town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
FRBC might be Fisheries Research British Columbia?[/quote]

FRBC = Fisheries Research Board of Canada

They did this in the 60’s and 70’s to track different whales and would recover the “tags” from whalers…

I sent an email to the owner of the cartridge so see what the headstamp is…


I saw a similar cartridge but in 12 gauge on a very nice (and expensive) cartridge board at the Holland & Holland shooting grounds. This is a sporting clay shooting ground which also has a range for testing double rifles. It is about 3 miles from where I am now. From what I remember, it was a paper-cased cartridge with the words “REWARD FOR RETURN TO COLONIAL OFFICE LONDON” engraved on the projectile.


I worked there when I was a kid as a “gopher”. I don’t remember that cartridge board being there then.


The board looked to be newly made from old cartridges when I saw it in late 2004. It isn’t there anymore, when I have been there since I asked what happened to it. Apparently it was bought by a rich Arab businessman.


How often do you go there Falcon? I would like to go and have a look around the place for old time sake.


I think I was last there in 2006. The first time I went there was because they used to do a “young shots day” for the clay shooting. My parents bought me this as a Christmas gift. It was very expensive at £95 for the day. The other kids on the shoot were all posh kids (one of them went to Harrow school*). I didn’t really have the right accent to fit in there. There is no reason we couldn’t arrange a trip up there now, I would quite like to go again. Let me know.

*For the American members, this is an extremely expensive boarding school that is not too far from my part of town. It is in the same class as Eton. However, my high school was quite different from there. Mine was opposite the local dump, and at any one time a few windows were always smashed.


Along the same line (tagging darts), below are a couple made for the British Natural History Museum

12ga long spike - forestry

nice… thanks for the photos…

Here is a picture of the headstamp of the ones that I have a picture of: