12 guage AP? TAKHO, Ukraine


Anyone can give me information on this 12GA caliber cartridge, made by TAKHO in Ukraine? I’m especially looking for information on its use. I didnt’ find anything on their website.
Hollow steel bullet screwed onto a hollow aluminium body.


It appears to be an interesting variation on armour-piercing slugs; “pulya” (the word above and below the 70mm) simply means “bullet” in Russian, but I haven’t seen this style before.


Thank SDC for this traduction


Interesting…I assume that the weapon choices for that are somewhat limited? I’m thinking a single shot item. Or was there a special shotgun for that with a wide magazine?


That ain’t gunna pierce no armour, too slow. Elephants?


Police use? Should pierce most cars and trucks.


Takho makes a lot of different hunting bullets/ cartridges.
The one shown is called “Elefant Steel” weights 38 gram and V2,5= 430 m/s

The history of these what strange hunting bullets is that in sertain regions the “normal people” were not alloud to own a rifled huntingrifle. Therefore they used cal 12 shotguns to hunt on large animals. As far as I know there are no elefants in the former USSR Therfore, I gues, the only used the name to express the big penetration of the bullet.



Are there elephant seals on the Siberian coast or Islands up that way ? I have not been in Russia since it was the Soviet Union. At that time only professional hunters were allowed to keep firearms at home and many of these were in Siberia - voluntarily - they lived there.

Can private citizens keep firearms at home in the new Russia ?


Yes, they can. Hunting Rifles (shotgun-type) are not the problem, Repeating Rifles are a little bit more complicated, but not hard to get.More paperwork. I just came back from Sibiria -our yearly Dealers meeting of Barnaul Patrony Zavod took place in the Altai Mountains- and will be in Yakutsk next year.
There are several classes of licenses, the lowest is the one for “Traumatic guns”, still shooting rubber balls or Twins with about 15 to maximum 22 Joule. I shoot with one (the new single shot cartridge Type 10x32 TM (Trauma Maximum) and it penetrates a wooden pine board about 1 to 1,5cm thick.
So, its maybe less lethal, but depending where you hit the target, it can be lethal…
In this range is a 7,62 Tokarev pistols modyfied to take this rounds and the 18mm electric primed Trauma Gun (which exists in several versions, one for the Auxilarry police and security forces of firms, the other for private citizens)…
But all this is very bureaucratic…but as a german, I am used to it :-))

The Ukrainian (not russian!!) ammo -12 Gauge- here in question is made under use of cups from France. There is a very wide range of makes.
I got the leaflet on the last Hunting and Arms fair in Moscow in Octobre…


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