12 inches of danish pastry -Warning picture heavy!-


bought me a nice cup of coffee, a long chat with a fellow gunnut and this: approx. 4 pounds of 9 mm.
(I doubt I’ll ever be as lucky again…) -And no, Lew, I could not find any of those in your wanted list -sorry.


Blackpole, Crompton-Parkinson and Winchester.

P 405, P131, Hasag and Radway Green.

Assorted german.
In order to not trash anybodys connection I’ll post the 4 remaining pics tomorrow after work.


I’m moving to Danmark (at least thinking of that).


The rest of the collection coems here:

PJJ 45, assorted AMA (including a blank) and HA from 1942, 48 and 1950

4-star (probably Hirtenberger) and assorted swedish

PJJ 44

Defense Industries (not sure if there’s any difference between the different primer sealant colours)
Many hours of collecting fun in this lot :-)


The different colors of primer seal on Canadian 9mm of the Late WWII period DO HAVE MEANING.
They denote the type of base construction of the cartridge case:

1942 - 1943: Cases had a flat internal base. No primer seal or purple primer seal.
1943 - 1944: Cases had a flat internal base, but with a slight concave into the primer pocket.
They still used the purple primer seal.
1944: Cases had a rounded internal base, and are denoted with a Green primer seal.

This information came to me in 1975 from John Belton, of Canada. I confirmed it by pulling bullets from cartridges dated in the era shown, and found his remarks to be absolutely true.

Later, after the war, Canada changed in the 1950s to a black primer seal. I do not know if there was a specific reason for that, or not. Later on, they changed back to the purple seal, and I have not investigated that issue either, although I should have when I used to have scads of Canadian duplicates.

John Moss


Ok, primer seal colour noted.


Here is period display board showing the different case designs.

John - thanks for the explanation of primer annulus colours.



Paul - thanks for showing the board. Looking down into cases with the bullets pulled, you could see all those differences, but this is better. I will have to try to find some dupes of these rounds again - used to have dozens of each but no more, although its possible I can find one of each - and have them sectioned, and recreate a little board like you have. Its a really good educational item on this particular feature. I have about 9,000 9mm dupes, once again, not in any order! A project for another day finding these. Thanks again. Good stuff!

John Moss


Many thanks also from me.


Lew - This was a real old posting - one year ago - am not surprised you didn’t remember this one either. By the way, old friend, do you remember that last week you said you were going to send me your 50 best 9mm rounds for my collection, because you were tired of them? :-)

Yeah, I’m just being LGP again. No worry - I can’t remember things I read up on a week ago.

John Moss