.12 LINE THROWING cartridge Smith&Wesson


Found this box with two catridges made by Smith&Wesson
I like to know how old this box is and like to see a pict of the weapon.
thanks gyrojet

S&W grenade container

Check out this thread. Pepper has some info on some other line throwing cartridges and guns.


This cartridge was produced by Smith & Wesson-Fiocchi during c. 1971-73 for Smith & Wesson Chemical Co., Inc. Line Throwing Gun Model 270.

There was other variations of this gun designated Model 209/277 and 210/276 for gas/flare 38.1 mm (1.5") shells. Both were also based in S&W revolver N frame.

Model 209/277:

Model 210/276 and 209/277:


That’s about right. I lived in Cleveland around that time and know a little about it. When S&W became a part of Bangor-Punta (an association which ended in 1984), B-P owned a number of very diverse companies, one of which was Great Lakes Chemical, which apparently became S&W Chemical sometime in the early 1970s. Their big product was tear gas grenades, etc. I don’t know much else.


Thanks guy’s for the great info…