12 mm Norwegian and Swedish Rimfires

It is a Swedish made rifle and if i’m not mistaken they specified the locking screws for the pins. All others used a plate held by a small screw. The Wood and barrel came from a Swedish M1860 Wredes muzzleloader.

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The Norwegian and Swedish military Remington RB rifles had bores with regular lands and grooves.

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“SK” are the initials of Svenska Kulfabriken in Göteborg, while “A” indicates a weight of 28 g and “B” 24.5 g. It seems P. Berghaus acted as an agent for this company.




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Err… no!
The first Swedish M1867 Remington Rolling Block Rifles (some 30000 pcs+) was refurbished from M1860 Wredes muzzleloaders and M1864 Snider converted M1860 Wredes rifles! Thus the almost hexagonal rifling from the muzzleloader fouling thinking.

Be my guest and educate yourself here: Swedish Rolling Block Rifles
And here: Karbin m

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Hello Chickenthief,
This is a cartridge forum and I fear we might be straying into firearms. However, I would like to explain my statement about the rifling profile of Swedish Remington RB rifles. According to page 36 of the Swedish book Eldhandvapen II, by Josef Alm, 1934, this is what the author says.“The bore of the m/1860 rifle has six lands and grooves of equal width, and a rifling twist of 1 in 113 cm”. In 1864 the m/1860 rifles were converted to

the Hagström system, shown on page 54. How the Snider mechanism got into this I don’t know.

Granted, but we have had disuussions on canons, tanks, and other assorted larger bore ‘guns’, missiles and assorted guided bombs, so the discussion of a rifle that fires the subject cartridge is not far off established discussion threads.

And since I have learned a few things here, I am very grateful for the information passed on.