12 mm perrin

I have a 12mm perrin cartridge. It says in Cartridges by Logan that this was used in the american civil war. Is there any way I can tell what date this was manufactured? It doesn’t have any markings and the book I have just has a drawing. Even if someone knows the latest date they were made would be nice. The cartridge is in really nice shape and I find it hard to believe it would be 150 years old.

This cartridge was also loaded in europe so you have firstly to know if it is of european or american manifacture

You know an american manufacture for perrin ???

Kimzter: This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but I believe the Perrin cartridge with a one-piece copper case and inside priming is the one most closely associated with the American civil war. Apparently a fair number of these survived the war and even a hundred years later still looked quite fresh. JG

the one I have is a one piece copper case and inside primed, I didn’t know there were others :). The bullet is round nosed with a flat tip. The bullet is brown, maybe painted. I didn’t want to scrape the color off to see what was underneath it in case it was made with the brown coating

Kim: I haven’t looked at mine in a while but I believe it has the same coating on the bullet, so I’d assume it’s an original waterproofing or anti-corrosion measure. There are other, later, loadings of the 12 m/m thick rim cartridge (I assume Perrin and 12 m/m thick rim are the same) with conventional external priming. I have two with battery cup primers, one very tiny and one very large. JG