120MM APFSDS projectile

Just wanted to show off my new “find”. Got it from a retired Army vet who had it on display in his recruiting office.


It’s just a beginning. Got this strange urge to buy a Tiger, now. What’s up with that?


Congrats big time Rick! Now you are talking BAD AS_! That is a different version of the M865 TPCSDS-T round, in very nice condition. DS stuff rules! Yours looks to be the type that fits. “OVER”, the CCC (Combustible Consumable Case). You can tell this by the presence of that heavy black rubber ring at the base of the sabot. I think the order of development for the M865 is;

1st, LONG sabot, ported cone tail assembly, fits OVER CCC
2nd, Short sabot, slotted cone tail assembly, fits OVER CCC
3rd, Short sabot, slotted cone tail assembly, fits/snaps INSIDE CCC ( I believe this is the mod in current use and production)

The M865, is a range reduction round fired from the M1A1 tank. It uses the LKL (LochKegelLeitwerk) aerodynamic principle by incorporating either a pierced or slotted tail-cone. With speed these ports or slots are aerodynamically “Open”. As the projectile slows over distance, they become “Closed” causing the projectile to tumble and fall. I think they have the same ballistic trajectory as the tactical counterpart out to 2500 +/- yards before they start falling.