120MM Mid-Air Blast Tank Shell - winner of Defense Prize


Some amazing in flight projectile film footage of a really high tech 120MM tank round made by IMI. I am not sure if the US MPAT (Multi Purpose Anti Tank Round) has the same capabilities or not? It can detonate directly over the heads of enemy troops.


jpost.com/VideoArticles/Vide … ?id=228200


The Swedes did that with their 57mm L/70 already. So no new technology here.


I saw the Swedish ammo that did that on the Future Weapons TV show. Pretty awesome. Just have not scene in flight footage of a 120MM Tank projectile doing this. Some really impressive high speed camera work. Years ago I saw similar footage of the US 120MM canister round projectile dispersing its 10,000 (?) sub-projectiles that was also totally awesome.