120mm, Polte, Magdeburg, 1913, Casing

Good day,
Anyone got any details on this casing I found on a flea market in france?

Any chance to know where it was used and other information?
What does the crown mean?

I’m not a collector and have no clue what the symbols mean :)

looking forward to answers!


Hi Quasolaris and welcome to the forum.

Is 120mm the mouth diameter or the height of the cartridge case? You will need to give us both of these dimensions to identify the case and which gun fired it. It looks like a 77 x 230mm case, but not if the mouth is 120mm.

Here is a link to a website that identifies some of the stampings: http://www.kaisersbunker.com/cc/markings.htm

The maker is Polte Madgeburg and the crown is an inspection mark.



Hi Graeme

Thank you for your answer!

The base has a diameter of 120mm not the mouth.

I took some photos of what I think could be usefull, I do not know if the cartridge was cut in half, maybe it was this hight? I also took a photo of the “cut”, maybe anyone can see if it was this short or not.

Thank you for the site with the stampings, helps alot!

I will make a few more replies, because I can only post one photo per reply.



The cut:

The height:

Your case is a 105x93R German howitzer. 10.5cm lfh 98/09. It is the correct length.

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Thank you very much!