120mm TPDS by GIAT - additional info wanted

I just came across an older GIAT (now NEXTER Group, France) flyer advertizing their 120mm tank gun ammunition (smooth bore Rheinmetall).
There a short range TPDS short range round is shown (to the left) with an effective range of 1,500m.

I never saw this round being advertized in any other document by now (may not mean much) and also it seems that it never was adopted by anybody (to my limited knowledge).

Does anybody have better images of this projectile or better factory docs and drawings etc?



I’ve been studying tank ammunition for a long time and have never seen this round in photos ever! WOW! Selfishly drooling over all three LOL. Would be really fascinating learning more about that short range specimen. looks like such a unique design. Thanks so much for sharing this rare photo. Totally going to save it.


Jason, for some strange reason I knew you would like it. :-)