120MM XM1028 Canister Tank Cartridge High Speed Video

I love tank ammunition and this video is just incredible. It shows a few firings of the latest US 120MM XM1028 Canister Cartridge. The XM1028 is basically a massive shotgun shell fired from the M1A1 tank and utilizes a CCC (Combustible Consumable Case) like most modern 120MM tank ammunition. My favorite part is the last few seconds of the video :-)



My only question, is, how would you get an M1A1 into the duck blind?

Haha! good one :-) I think Bugs Bunny did it once. Tell me that is not one extream bullet!

Another curious thing is: How did they pan the camera to follow the shot string? Amazing video.

The camera is almost as impressive as the ammunition it is filming. Just spectacular crazy footage.

Here is a nice photo of the 120MM XM1028 canister round for those not familiar with it.


The XM1028 is also called, the “Room Broom”. I found this information on a Google search.


The genesis of the XM1028 120mm Canister Tank Cartridge also comes from recent developments in Korea – - with the removal of 105mm equipped M-60 and M-1 tanks, USFK has an urgent need to field a 120mm-based antipersonnel projectile to replace the 105mm M494E3 APERS round these tanks fired. In 1999, ARDEC responded with the introduction and testing of the 120mm XM1028 canister round, which fulfills the requirement for a dedicated antipersonnel round used against close-in (up to 500 meters) massed infantry armed with automatic weapons and hand-held anti tank munitions or devices.

Lacking an explosive component, the XM1028 is, in effect, a 120mm shotgun shell. But it’s no ordinary shotgun shell, for sure: a typical OO buckshot round 2

Are the pellets 00 (tungsten) buckshot? I think that’s about 30 caliber, if memory serves me correctly. And please, remind me to never set up an RPG ambush on an Abrams. OR overrun friendly vehicles.

I am not sure? They look big!

Yeah, it would suck to be on the receiving end or general vicinity of that. Seems to be very specialized. It is not a very old round and I have not heard of any actual combat use yet coming from Iraq.

I have seen photos of later production XM1028’s, that used a slightly different case, that was factory painted with a slightly longer canister that allowed for a wad of packing material to float over the pellets. This is not visible on the cutaway photo shown above. I’ll try to find and post a picture.


This is by no means a new concept, small calibre lead and iron balls have been used with artillery since the days of muzzle loading blackpowder cannon. This enabled artillery units to engage large amounts of enemy infantry effectively. This shot was often contained in wood or cloth cases which were inserted into the gun in one piece, and later in metal containers attached in place of projectiles on shell cases.

So true! Shot has been around for a very long time, just not tank fired in 120mm :-)

Here is a nice cutaway sectioned view of the XM1028. This one shows the projectile I mentioned above.


Did some measuring and figuring of pictured components. Pellets are, close guess, 40 cal./10MM diameter.

Just confirmed the 10MM guess. Sorta. See the following comment on another forum.

And note the that the primer flash tube has a “peaked”, closed end. I Have some like that, others open. Why the difference?

Jason has posted some nice photos…but just for giggles…here’s a couple more.

An interesting tidbit is that the round was “trialed” with a “core” of 60 grain flechettes inside the mass of tungsten balls (not exactly sure the configuration)…but the bottom line…they did not go down range as desired…thus the balls

60 grain flechette (as is used in the current 2.75" Hydra rocket flechette canister)…contrasted to the common/typical 8 gr surplus flechette

Great investigation and forensics Rick figuring out 10MM. The info in the other forum was interesting except the XM1028 is fired from the M1A1, M1A1SEP, and M1A2 tanks in Iraq and not the M1 as stated which is basically a M1A1 with a 105MM gun instead of 120.

Most of my 120MM aft caps with primers all have peaked, capped primers of various designs. Let me know if you want pics :-)


AWESOME Pepper! Thanks so much for posting that sweet photo. I was hoping you were going to. That is a beauty and really shows every design feature. SWEET!!!


I love the creative way the factory sectioned that case with the 2 windows.