122 katusha


The fuze goes to this 122mm barrage rocket which is still in use in Iraq and Afganistan , etc.



Your Fuze is the “MRV-U”. There is also a time fuze “TM-120” for cluster warheads.
Note that there are 2 different types of these 122mm rockets. The “M-21” is the “long” (2 engine sections) one which goes on the BM-21 vehicle based launcher. Yours here is the “short” (1 engine section) which is for air borne forces (and thier leighter launchers/vehicles).
“Katyusha” actually reffers to the WWII “BM-8” launcher/vehicle (82mm rockets). After that there was a whole series of such MLRS systems which are still developed today.
Here some links to newer systems:
globalsecurity.org/military/ … /tos-1.htm


These Katushas were used all over Viet Nam with no paratroops in site. To my knowledge the paratroops in Southern Lebanon are pretty scarce as well. Some of the nice launchers showed up in Viet Nam but usually they were fired from sticks or mounds. You don’t get the spin with the sticks as you do with the launchers but the VC didn’t really care as these are AREA weapons rather than POINT TARGET. These rockets are VERY heavy. I would like to see some photos of Soviet paratroops dropping with these. The 2 motor versions were also found in Viet Nam with a special extra long launcher. Since those days there have been LOTS of refinements and further developments. Jason’s fuze is a typical Soviet version as recovered in Viet Nam and elsewhere. I have had MANY of these.