127mm casing for Otobreda 127mm/54 Compact

i would know if the casing for otobreda 127mm/54 can be find in very good shape ?
it’s exist one or other variation of the casing (i don’t know the lenght of it)

in case of ,i search this casing

thank for your responses

This gun use regular US 5"/54 Cal. separated ammunition (127x835R plugged case) but if you are in France I guess that it would be easier to find an example made in Italy by Bombrini Parodi-Delfino. Regards, Fede.

thank for your response
but at one video i see complete round loaded (but i m not a specialist and the thing that i see can be the shell and the case loded simultaneous in the chamber

In the beginning of the loading process the shell and the case are separately loaded inside the two lower hoists of the ammunition magazine. After that, the shell rests on top of the case plug until it is loaded in the chamber, which may lead to the impression that you are looking at a complete round.