12g AP "Pacific 12 USA 12"


Who makes these Pacific shells?



I have absolutely no idea who made those shotshells, but I really like the quality of your photos. How do you do it? Camera? Scan?



1st picture - scan, the rest - camera, the last shot is not good because camera’s battery has died, but I figure it shows the slug.


Just throwing it out there, but could it be a generic shotshell that came with a shotshell reloading tool?

There are Pacific Tool Company shotshell reloading tools…here’s a vintage ad for the reloading tool someone is selling on eBay… I hope this helps a bit.




… Oops, I forgot to mention Pacific Tool Company is a division of Hornady…


That sort of load would probably not have been original (from Hornady or any large producer) as these “AP” type of slugs are often just lead projectiles that have been drilled and had a conical steel tip added, or even steel ball bearings are added to hollow point slugs. They penetrate relatively more wood or other soft media, but not much steel. Even the factory original loads like the Brenneke “Maximum Barrier Penetration” do poorly against steel in videos that I have seen.


I agree…I would call it a “gun show” load. I have a drawer full of the odd ball loads; only superseded by the creative names of the commonly blister packed 3-5 round oddities someone dreamt up…there is always a “bore blast” and the ever common surplus loaded flechette rounds. (most with outrageous performance claims) JMHO


Pacific was bought by Hornady in the '70s I think; the name came up (no actual link) during the Great DU 308 convo I had with them.

As for 12ga AP…yeah most of the stuff is really not impressive. Regardless of what you make the penetrator out of, a relative soft projo, moving slowly, with a huge frontal area is a lousy hard-barrier pill.

When I spoke with the Lightfield guy, I remember him talking about how the relatively small run of 12ga ‘Alpha’ sabot cartridges were hurriedly scooped up by the feds… I imagine that design acutally did what the whizbang gunshow specials are advertised to do. The conical shotgun slugs shown here recently on IAA are something I’d like to see brought back if only for novelty and proof-of-concept.

When the ‘evil copkilling 12ga sabot slug’ came to light briefly after the film “Alien Nation”, there was some minor armwaving…until simple demos showed that A. standard heavyhitters like the Brenneke were perfectly capable of defeating car doors and other mild-steel barriers, and B. sabot slugs from a relatively short smoothbore 12ga were often grotesquely inaccurate (I recall sideways-impacts at 7yds from an M590 from the Remington solid-copper expanding sabot cartridges), and still did not approach .30 M2 and other widespread legit AP pills.