12g picks this weekend

I picked these three up at an outdoor sale Friday. Any cool info you can give me would be appreciated. Or are they just run of the mill birdshot?

I would also trade these,but I can’t post in the FS/FT section

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All common, not collectable. Value under $5 for all 3.

What does it say on the side of the blue one?

The value of your 3 shotshells is low although I see far fewer paper and brass shotshells for sale at guns shows, household auctions, antiques stores and flea markets than I did 10 years ago.

As far as collect-ability, that is strictly in the eye of the collector. Many people in the US and around the world collect paper shotshells including me. Many collect brass and plastic shotshells also.
Collectors look for headstamp variations, high brass low brass variations, case length variations, color variations, topwad variations and differences.
I have 9 Tan paper case Peters Victor shotshells with different top wads including a Spreader 8 Load TW. 4 Blue case paper shotshells, 1 orange paper case and 1 Red paper case with a Spreader 6 Load TW.
I have 42 different Italian brass shotshells and I would not be considered a serious shotshell collector.
The nice part about collecting shotshells compared to metallic is the price.
The collectable shotshell market price has been depressed for years.
This is a great time to start collecting them including the common ones.

Peters Heavy 7 1/2.

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Thanks for the info everyone. I picked them up just because I’d never seen an all brass shell in person and the only paper shells I’ve found have been with my metal detector.

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