12g shotshell blank

What is the purpose of this blank? If it is noise, wouldn’t just a primed shell do? It says 175g FFFG on the cardboard.

I have never seen one of these, but I would bet the factory did not use a handwritten topwad. Shotshell blanks are probably for training with animals, to get them accustomed to the noise. I think Winchester still loads the 2-7/8" 10 gauge blank for cannons, or at least they did only a few years ago.

From our experience in making 12ga. blanks for other uses besides Movies, etc, we have found that such a large charge ( almost full case) as 175 grains of FFFg would only be suitable for a Signal Blank, such as used in Yacht races,where a large cloud of smoke as well as a loud sound is required, with a Winchester or other make of Signal cannon (Many of the old 10 gauge Cannon have been “chamber-adapted” down to 12 gauge, because of the problems acquiring 10 gauge ammo.( Both commercial and legal).

The only other possible use for such a large charge is “Seismic” charges, for use by Geologists (usually in Oil exploration). Nowadays, the Seismic charge is becoming less used, as more “scientific” ground-penetrating radar and magnetometers etc are being used; even an electronic sonar “Ping” has been developed for ground use.

This round may be a reload, but it may also be a small order Factory job,( Winchester or other, using Win. cases) hence the handwritten top wad and rolled crimp, to maximise case capacity.

As to “Noise” 12 gauge Blanks, just the primed case will NOT do…Winchester makes blanks which consist of a smokeless charge, topped by an AA Plastic wad, then crimped normally (the crimp reverts totally into the shell, inside the plastic wad. ( ie, a shell without shot). These are sold for Dog trials, and other uses.
Our ( AV Blankfire) BP blanks in 12 gauge for “starter” guns ( DB shotguns) are a 45mm Long cases, (trimmed WW AA single extruded case), with the appropriate load of FFFg BP, a waxcard wad, and star crimp (six petals)…their stubby size precludes them being mistaken for Shot rounds.

In the old days of Paper cases, Blanks were usually a rolled crimp, full or wadded part case of BP, and printed accordingly on the paper.
A lot of the older Blanks were marked in “Drams” of BP, especially the aforementioned Seismic Blanks.

Is it a 70mm or a 76mm case ( 2-3/4 or 3 inch) shell?
( Seismic Guns were usually 3 inch shell capable).

Doc AV
AV Blankfire Pty.Ltd.