12g SOC .B.P.D. ROMA

Hello, does anybody know what type of 12g this is?

[quote=“clieuwens”]Hello, does anybody know what type of 12g this is?


Hi, I do not knew, for what purpose it was made, but I had cutted one of this cartridges many years ago. It has a lead slug with a inside hollow Point, beneath is a full Aluminium core and it does have a Tracer element in the back…As far, as I can remember, it was written on the outside of the box: Collaudate or collaudare…but I am not sure…I cannot find the pics of this box…


This cartridge is described in BPD catalogs as a big game hunting cartridge made in 16 and 12 caliber, with or without tracer.

probably on the box was written “collaudate” not “collaudare”

Collaudo “Inspection, Testing”…Hence “Collaudate” ( Inspected); Collaudare is “To Test”.

Derived from Latin, Cum Laude…with praise ( meaning, the item is deserving of Praise as to its efficiency.) Italian vulgarization of Latin…“Col laude” ( with praise)

Doc AV

Thanks guys, didn’t expect an hunting round with tracer v