12Ga Brass shotshell w/photos

I am as new to shotshell and cartridge collecting as anyone can be. I have recently joined the IAA. My question. I have a 12 ga brass shotshell. The headstamp says UMC Co No 12. The casing measures 4" long. My meager references have no mention of anything like this. Does any one have any sites/information that can lead me to learning more about this shell and it’s possible date ?

Here is picture of 4" 12 ga w/2.4" 12 ga.


HS of 4" 12 ga casing.


Welcome to the IAA and the Forum! While I don’t collect shotshells by intent, it does happen sometimes…A 4" long 12 Ga. brass is a long one indeed. Perhaps you could post a photo? Instructions are available in the Tech Issues section.

At that length I would suspect it is perhaps something other than a standard shotshell. A flare or something of the like?



I have the same shell. Have always assumed it was a special order.


Interesting. I’m hoping not just a flare, but something else. Guess we’ll find out eventually. Would love to be able to get approximate date for it too.


Hang in there Ron,

Sometimes it takes a bit for someone with the info to see your post. I did some digging around and found nothing at that length in 12 Ga. Could be a sort of promotional device I was thinking as I have seen modern overlength shotshells for that purpose. JP from the other side of the pond might have some input as he is into the subject. If nothing comes through you might want to add the 4" length to the subject title to get more action.


I have not very much to add except:

  1. I know this case.
  2. It is not shown in the REM-UMC catalogues extracts I have (but , my documentation about REM-UMC is very incomplete)
  3. It is not a flare. It could be either a shotshell or a yacht canon blank.
  4. Rem-Umc started to manufacture this 4 Gauge 4 inches length in 1913
  5. factory dimensions are (extract from my book)


Thanks a million Dave, Merci mille fois Jean-Pierre. I very much appreciate your input. I’m going to try and do more research on my own also. Sometimes you fall into stuff when u least expect, or in my case step in it.


Hi JP, you talk about a 4 Ga. But the picture of the shell in question shows a 12 ga headstamp.

you are right

Comments are still the same
and here are dimensions


Thanks JP. will go with the information you provided.


[quote=“rjbman”]Thanks JP. will go with the information you provided.


As I told you try to buy the book “the american shotshell” by Iverson.
I am sure somebody on this forum has one to sell;
It is a very good book. It list all the US manufacturers with their hstps.