12GA Buckingham incendiary MK1

In the new IAA archive I have found this drawing in Woodend’s files,
It is showing a 12GA Buckingham incendiary MK1 projectile.

Now I got very curious. Do photos of this projectile/cartridge exist?
Do other documents exist? Is the “MK1” designation implying that this round was adopted?

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Richard, thanks a lot!
Do photos of these 12GA variants exist?

I’ve not seen a photo but Labbet shows a drawing of the HS & bullet on pg 200 of his BRITISH SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION 1864-1938.

The chain shot examples do exist

Pete, unfortunately I do not have this book.

Pete, thanks!

Now we just need some photos…

This is one page of a typewritten memorandum from Mr Buckingham to the War Office in support of his claim for payment for his development of incendiary ammunition … which is why I found it in a Treasury box at Kew, the file number is T173/139

Buckingham’s claim for payment was agreed and he was paid the sum of £10,000 in 1919, to be split equally with his business partner Willian Maddocks … at which point Buckinham assigned all his relevant Patents to the British Government.

As these were produced in tiny numbers, to fill a pressing requirement and that what was made would have been hurried into service, there being some panic at the time over our inability to counter the threat of bombing raids by Zeppelin airships … it’s quite possible that no pictures exist.


Peter, thanks!
Too bad, I hoped some specimen would have survived!

Does anybody know if Woodin Lab had a specimen?