12GA "care shot" by Raikka (Finland)

In a 2007-2008 dated pamphlet on the Finnish defence industry I have found an image of Raikka made 12GA LTL loads and the box says “+1 care shot” which appears to be a red plastic case.

Anybody to tell what exactly a “care shot is”? Something that contains oil or some other material?
I assume the propellant in the LTL cartridges is no blackpowder and the primers would be mercury-free anyways.

Image source: Defence Technology 2007-2008.
12GA Raikka_2007

Hi Alex,

Yes these are oil loads.
Used to clean the barrel when you’re out in the field and have no other cleaning tools with you.

Very old system.
Sellier and Bellot made these many years ago.
I believe with the name of rostschutz.

Regards René

René, thanks a lot!
But how much of an issue is it with NC powder and mercury-free primers?
And why after only 4 shots of the LTL loads. Seems a bit excessive or?

Do you have images of the S&B loads?

Alex, the CareShot is loaded only with a primer. It propels a piston that spray the protective oil and then seal the cartridge case. Headstamp is 12 RAIKKA 12 FIN.



Fede, thanks!
Any thoughts why this round is included in a 5 round box?

Do cutaways or diagrams of such cartridges exist?

I guess the most likely explanation is promotion, because it doesn’t make sense otherwise. They also offered the CleanShot in boxes of ten.

Here is the US patent:
US5421263.pdf (557.7 KB)

Hi Alex
Here are some pictures of the case.

Fede and René, thanks!
Ok, the S&B are from the old days when corrosion was a real issue.