12GA Clucas Hatton Mk1 door breaching round

12GA Clucas Hatton Mk1 door breaching round:
I tried to find more info on this round in the web and hoped to find the factory website, catalogs or a detailed tech sheet.
Except for a short Wikipedia entry not much is to be found.
Is there anybody here who can give links or provide any data, background etc.?

Here is an older IAA forum thread:

Matt, thanks for this!
As I understood the MK1 is something that was made in recent years or?
Still looking for details or a web entry on the manufacturer of these.

Alex, their current website is clucas-moe.com. If you don’t find what you are looking for I can check some brochures I have in my files.

Well, just tried to go to that link and was quite surprised. It seems that it is an adult friend finder link from when I clicked on it. Cheers, Bruce.

That link used to be an official website of a company in the UK using the “Hatton” name to describe their version of a frangible door-breaching rd, but i don’t know that they originated the term. The link has been taken over by a re-drecting spam server of some sort, why they would do this to a police products site i don’t know. If you use the Internet Archive Wayback machine you can see an older version which lists their products on the top right of the page (from 2003):

That link is working for me but it seems that in other places Internet works in mysterious ways…

To me the link worked only in Firefox, IE stalled and got redirected to some other site.

This link may work better:

Fede, their site is extremely limited when it comes to info on their ammo - basically nothing…
If you have better info it would be interesting to see.

That’s interesting Fede. Half of the time I click the link it either doesn’t work, or redirects me to a spam site, and sometimes it takes me to the correct site. I wonder if the company is defunct, and the link is sort of corrupted?

The link they showed for their hatton rds which I successfully got to once shows this:


Alex, I just checked their brochures and there are very few cartridges illustrated, but found a picture of the Hatton Mk I in the 2009 edition and more or less detailed information in another one dated 2003. These translucent white shells were made by Hull Cartridge Company Ltd.

Fede, thank you for this!

The last MK1 I saw had a “12 + 12 + 12 + 12 +” headstamp as it comes as a standard bunter from the shot shell manufacturing line supplier and is used around the world by many factories as they do not dare to make own (expensive) bunters.

Hull headstamps can be looke dup here:

That sounds like a typical generic headstamp made by Cheddite.

I never followed up who actually is the supplier of shot shell machinery. All I know that there are several.
Is there any chance to figure their “standard” bunters as we see lots of those all around the world?