12ga long spike - forestry


I seem to recall this being discussed in the forum before, but I can’t find it in the search function anywhere. What is this 12ga rd for? Was it something to do with tagging whales, or for spiking trees as a marker or step of some sort? This one is marked as being from FRBC - Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources in Nanaimo, B.C. - Canada. Sorry for small pic:


12 gauge Whale Marker Cartridges

Picture posted by Tailgunner


Attached whale drawing increases the value immensely.


Very neat cartridge!


I guess I missed this post way back when.
I have an article from the Journal of Mammalogy that describes their use going back to 1920. They were used to mark or tag whales for migration studies. Whalers were asked to return the tags, usually retrieved from the boilers to the British Museum or FRBC or other location for a reward, similar to bird band use. FRBC is Fisheries Research Board of Canada. I saw a case of these back in very early 1990’s in Washington state that had returned from the Artic where they had been used. I have four varieties in my collection. Some included a monofiliment line to gather crustacians to enable the researchers to identify those tagged. Whales have a very thick layers of fat and these tags were coated with penicillan salve to limit any damage to the whale. The latest one I have used a plastic Fiocci shot shell. I think they have long been abandoned maybe first replaced with a radio transmitter projectile. Photo patterns may be used today to identify whales. I thought I may have submitted an article in the IAA Journal years back but maybe I just thought I did.