12GA Rubber Shot?!

Hi all,

Got this “box” of five 12GA i think Rubber Shot, today. Could someone tell me more about this box?! Was this a product for the civil market?!

Thanks in advance for all your responses.


These are loaded with a rubber slug. ( round ball ).
Also there are green cases with rubber pellets.
Made for civilian market. For as far as I know.

Regards rené

As per the packing commercial but I saw a similar one marked “INTERVENTION” (black case) and it is a rubber slug or door breacher (cant tell to 100%) and it came from the French Police.

Hi, here’s a sneak peak inside a 12 bore Gomm- Cogne that came from a similar blister pack in a French supermarket about 35 years ago.


They can still be had:

Is there a website of the manufacturer somewhere?


you can download a pdf-catalogue


Peter, thanks a lot!

Here a pic for Lew from that website.

Here their 12GA:


Thanks for all your informations!

Anyone noticed that the three stooges sorry dummies are the same one with different colour?
Exact same “defect” between case and bullet on the right.

I think it is just photo shopped to represent the french flag. Merely a patriotic gimmick.
The dummies are advertized as nickeled brass (the one on the left)).