12ga Shotgun shell identification-please

Hi, I bought this at our Ohio show last weekend. One person said it was from Russia because they use similar head stamps. Another person said it was for engine starting. Another person said it was a flare. He also said they came in yellow. It also appears to have a symbol on its shellac wad. Thanks In Advance

maybe a mortar igniter
i don’t understand the chinese for the marquing on shellac wad
the rim look odd for use in “normal” weapons

Joeinco, could you be so nice to upload the images here directly please?

This is a Chinese primary charge for mortar projectiles made in 1952.
Factory #62.
Caliber 20mm = 12GA (with thick rim).

Alex–It’s made in 1962

Will try, and thank you for your input

Yes, Will try and be happy to send it. Many Thanks for Your Input

Sheng, but the hs says 1952 and factory #62.
Loading seems to be in 1962 then or.

the litter 未 means propellant was made in 1956. How could 1956 powder running into 1952 case?

But it is entirely possible that the case was in store for long. Made in 1952 and loaded in 1962. The propellant would be inbetween.

But who will be factroy 52 then? This here is the first time it is showing up while factory 62 is known for having made (or still making) mortar propelling cartrdige cases, 26.5mm flare gun cases and loading mortar shells and artillery ammunition and it is also the loading entity of the cartridge here.

All very confusing or?

Thank you!

Joeinco, thanks a lot for reposting the images! Much appreciated!

In my view the hs is 20 62 62

Oh, that would explain it all!!!
Thank you for putting me back on track!

Any Time