12mm Perrin Long Case

Picked this up recently as I had never seen it before.

It is a long case Perrin cartridge. It is a variation with the exposed primer rather than internal primer.

Here it is between two other Perrin cartridges

And here it is beside a Galand cartridge


By the way,

I think it is made by Houllier-Blanchard.

Nearly same bullet as the the long case pinfire he made. The pinfire boxes are marked as “longue portée” which means long range.

Hi Aaron,

This long cased variant (22 mm) fits a military style Perrin revolving-carbine.

Nice find!



Yes. Here is a picture of one by the way. (posted elsewhere by @chassepot )

Any documentation about the cartridge or gun anywhere?

Just a few magazine articles about the gun, but I have not seen anything about the cartridge, like a picture of the box, at least.

There is also a “civilian” model Perrin carbine with a cylinder 14 mm shorter that can’t be used with this long cased variant.

attached a close up pic of a Perrin gun.

armourerPerrin%20closeup Jim