12mm Pinfires with Long and short pins

I show two brass 12mm Pinfire primed cases with slight bunter variations and different pin lengths. The length of 40mm seems a bit short for a shotshell?
Shown with a Gaupillat 50.5mm length shotshell for comparison.
The brass cases seem to have a paper support wad around the cap.


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The longer length pin was necessary to use in an adapter as the pin had to go through the adapter and still extend through the chamber wall to be struck by the hammer.

I realise the long pin is used with an adaptor but what are the thoughts about the 40mm brass cases? Are they for shot loads or home reloads? Any idea of maker?

For as far as I know they are french made.
They are not for 12mm guns but revolver loads.

I have only seen them offered in 50 round boxes with new primed empties.

Regards René

Here is what the long-pin ones were used for in these reducer tubes:

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Hi Ron,

The criteria adopted by the manufacturers -like SFM- was: long pin for tube (subcaliber), standard pin for shotgun and short pin for canne (walking stick).

This is the box of the short pin NUPE variant shown above: