12x44 R Remington?

please, help with identification
Dimensions (mm):
R1-15,8 P1-13,8 H2-13,4 G1-12,85 (13,2) L3-44,5
Headstamp “H.UtendoerfferNurnberg
I think it is 12x44 R Remington sweden or 12,5x44 R CF Spencer conversion or germany target

Thank you

Sweden and Norway had the 12,17x42R later lengthned to 12,17x44R rimfire cartridge for their military Remington Rolling Block rifles.
Husqvarna in Sweden and Kongsberg in Norway sold similar rifles to civilians and those were for centerfire cartridges.
To muddle the waters forther gunmaker Lund in Oslo (Norway) did his own version of the 12,17x44R centerfire cartridge.

Please note that the cartridge drawing is for the rimfire version!

Thank you for the information.
On a photo sample from my book (Czech). I’m not sure which one is it. Hagen-Lund is certainly not him.

Have a look at the following thread:


There are three types of 12x44R (not counting the 11.9mm Hagen - Lund which has a larger case type and is necked). Yours is a SC6 type.

Thank WBD,
another headstamp with black primer annulus