13.2 x 99 Hotchkiss query


Howdy Folks , I need a little help to correctly identify this round , the headstamp is, BHB K 26 Ltd , the first B on the monogram is reversed ,made by Kynoch for B.B.Hotchkiss , this round has a Green primer seal with a clear lacquer over it ,a clear lacquer neck seal ,and a 15mm clear lacquer tip , what exactly do I have . thanks Randy


A green primer annulus in the British system of things notes an A.P. round / projectile.
The clear lacquer at the annulus, tip, and case mouth sounds like something not factory. Why would they (the factory) CLEAR lacquer the 15mm of the tip? What’s to protect? Or to further coat the annulus, that is one of the reasons the green color is there for in the 1st place, to seal / waterproof it, so why do it twice?
Maybe someone who knows more than me has an explaination?


Since the big Hotchkiss was not adopted until 1930, it looks as if you have an early development round. Kynoch seems to have done a lot of ammo development work for European gunmakers.


Not adopted by whom until 1930 Tony?

Kynoch were supplying 13.2mm Hotchkiss in all loads to Greece in 1926 and to the Chilean Navy in 1927.

This is part of a Kynoch drawing dated 1926 showing the Hotchkiss trade mark. Apologies for the quality but it is a scan of a faded linen original.
Interestingly it states that the AP round should have a green primer seal and no tip colour. Is it possible no tip colour was interpreted as clear tip colour?

This is the Kynoch drawing, also dated 1926, showing the box labels for the AP and Tracer rounds for the Greek contract.

Finally, this is the 1927 drawing for the Chilean Navy contract.


13,2 mm Hotchkiss bullets

Very nice


I had assumed that it would have been first adopted by France (they were very secretive about new military developments). As I understand it, they adopted it as the M1930 (the M1935 followed, with the 96mm case length).