13,2x99 Hotchkiss wz.30 in polish service

I search information about ammunition 13,2x99 mm Hotchkiss wz.30 in polish service.

I search info about:

  • picture ammunition and heavy gun Hotchkiss wz.30
  • drawings ammunition
  • packing ammunition

In short:
On this time in polish bibliography exist only short citation in books about this ammunition and heavy gun in this calibre.
Production ammunition 13,2x99mm began in Poland c. 1937, but before some parts ammunition was buy in England produced by Kynoch and France produced by Manufacture de Machines du Haut-Rhin.

I have some info, but maybe exist more not published on books and internet to this time ;)

Regards: Piotr J. Bochyński

This is from: “Album do wykazu nazw amunicji” 1936

13,2 mm nb. pancerny świetlny (GB)
13,2 mm nb. pancerny (FR)
13,2 mm nb. ślepy (FR)
13,2 mm nb. świetlny (GB)
13,2 mm nb. zwykły (FR)

Very interesting stuff. Thanks for showing!
Any chance to post the tables as single pictures?

a have only in .pdf format in this quality