13,2×99mm Hotchkiss, headstamp (13.2 S)?

Hello everybody, i have find this 13,2×99mm Hotchkiss made by Kynoch in 1927,
But i have a question with the headstamp :
Why it have the marking “S” after the 13.2 on the headstamp ?
Normaly it have a “H” for Hotchkiss… I have never see this S before
Maybe somebody know what it is??


Maybe it could be referred to the Kynoch plant which manufactured it.
In this HS the monogram BHB is referred to Witton plant (info and pict got from municion.org).
If it is, we have S, and BHB


The “S” stand for “Service” and identifies a ball loading, while “BHB” is the monogram of Benjamin Berkeley Hotchkiss.




Thanks Fede, I was not aware of that. “Ball” as per Kynoch logic, has a lead or soft steel core?
I am doing a study on Italian 13,2 bullets and I am interested in this, if it is known.

Ball has a mild steel core.

Ok, thanks.
This is for Italians ones as well, but only for tracer. AP has an hard steel core and are not tracer also.
Sorry for OT, I will dedicate a post.

Labett lists the S as ball on Chilean contract, T for tracer and P for AP.

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Missed Fede’s reply so will delete my post.

Thank you for the information