13.3 BSA Experimental




If I remember rightly, this was an experimental round which proved to be unsatisfactory, so the moved up to .55" (13.9mm) calibre. I take it this round is a tracer, judginb by the red primer annulus and bullet tip, as is the British Standard. A weapon chambered for this round can be seen (croll right to the bottom of the page - the word “here” is a link - moderator) [color=red]here. [/color]


Thank you for the referal. They say this gun is chmabered for the 13.2 BSA. This is the 13.3 BSA - typo?


I think it is a typo - that’s the only other place I’ve seen “13.# BSA” referred to, your round is the only round in that calibre I’ve ever heard of anyone having, much less seen a photo of. If there were only two weapons made as that site says, I doubt that the rounds are exactly common. Is your round live?


Yes,live. Woodin Lab says there are 3 of these known. Bill says he saw a box of these at BSA or KYNOCH many years ago but so far only 3-all the same- are known for sure.