13mm Pzb 38 training kit

Another bizarre request…

I’ve got a copy of a German training manual from 1939 that describes some sort of 13mm training device that was to be used on the Pzb 38. From what I can gather, the round featured a lighter projectile that permitted the rifle to be used on a shorter training range. Perhaps it was even aluminum? Does anyone have an example of this cartridge, or know if such an thing ever existed? I’ve never seen a photo of the kit and have no idea what to make of it.

No Bizarre request.

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The bullet is 40 mm long and has a mass of 16.2 g (Aluminium core) or 13.3 g (core made of a Magnesium alloy called Magnewin). Muzzle velocity is given as 1210 m/s.
A tracer version (bullet has a black tip) also existed.

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Thank you both very much. Am I right in assuming that this is a rare cartridge? I’ve only a seen a handful of references to the training kit, and have no photos or diagrams of the thing. I am guessing that its just barrel that swaps out, as there really isn’t anything else that would need to be changed.

Perhaps I make myself ridicules, but many years ago an old collector explained me were the code name Patr. 318 came from.

He told me it was a turn around of 813.
8mm for the life cartridge, and 13mm for the practice round.

Please don’t kill me.


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Willem, not all that weird because this was commonly used with squeeze bore projectiles where the 2 calibers were “merged” - defacto coded - this way.