13x64b and 12.7x108

What can you tell me about the 13.64b I/T?

12.7’s are all in correct order from picture above.

Jess, I think you may help us by specifying your question a bit.

Here some basics:


Apologies. I posted that in haste on my way out the door.

What does the headstamp possibly say? wg/44/ and maybe 2511 or something like that?
I know it’s an I/T. has it been repainted?

12.7Х108 Б-32, having a zinc-coated bullet for the first time, I see, even for “military release” it is unusual.

Azov, in the west these unplated or zinc plated projectiels are encountered every now and then in all calibers up to including 14.5mm.

@EOD is the 12.7 I have unplated or tinned/zinced?

14.5 I have, it is in 12.7 that I see for the first time.

You have galvanized.Yes, and ammunition equipped in the years 1939-1940, we meet not often.

Here one more:

Hs says that it was made by HASAG in 1944, lot 2511.
The proj. looks repainted as original ones have also the lettering (lot) on them.
Sadly many people are ruining perfect items with let’s say 60% original color by repainting it like a candy! Why?
What a shame that people do put appearance over the historic value!!! (that does not go for women of course).

Can not tell from here. But there could be both I think.