14.5 Spotter


At a local gunshow yesterday I purchased a round similiar to the 14.5 X 51R Spotter, M183, Smoke Tracer, Instantaneous with the usual red tip. The rounds I have in my collection were all made by DAG and have aluminium cases. This new round uses a 72mm long bright yellow Fiocchi 20ga plastic shot shell with just the red tip of the projectile projecting from the end (O/A–85mm). Is this a legitimate Spotter round or has someone just put the projectile in this case so they could shot them in a 20ga gun. The guy had perhaps 200 of them.


See lower left corner of their main webpage.



Keith–Yes,that is exactly what mine is.The only differance is that the projectile is not set flush with the case mouth but rather projects the amount of the red tip. I take it that this company or the company suppliying this company is doing what I suspected and just reloading the projectile into the 20ga shells for civalian consumpation and in no way are they an official load.