14.5 x 114mm Chinese Dummy Round With Odd Brass Projectile

Varnished steel case, raised headstamp " 41 67 ", three short equidistance flutes in the case starting at the shoulder, primer with rubber insert. My assumption is the brass projectile (nonmagnetic) is a “stuffer” projectile and does not actually belong with the case.


Any information / feedback concerning the brass projectile is most appreciated.



Brian, I think too that this is a stuffer.

Dummies of this time period usually have “rattlers” inside the case.
Does this one have anythig inside?

This type of 14.5 projo was manufactured by (or at least for) a company called Big Sky Surplus, who I think made them up because they had a customer requirement for some loaded 14.5 a few years back. They are still in business under another name, CDVS.US which is Combat Disabled Veteran’s Supply (I believe!) Check their web site because they may still offer 12.7 X 108 and 14.5 X 114.

They are still offering 14.5mm and related stuff.

They are using the date (including the year) and put it into the price column?
This is the only explanation I have for this (besides using a 12.7mm image to advertize their fantasies):

No rattle or other noise.