14.5mm JDJ by SSK

I just came across an entry on a 14.5mm JDJ by SSK industries.
Their site does not display the images propperly (only to me?).

Anybody here who has images of this round?

I think there are saome troubles to fix in the webpage. I rememebr that there were some pictures in that page

Alex, these are the images that I have downloaded in 2003:



Fede, thanks a lot!
Is the projectile design/geometry of a Russian 14.5x114 or does it just look similar?
Though I see it is heavier than any Russian ones I wonder about the exact diameter.

Alex, this bullet measures .585 inch, so it is basically the same as the Russian type.

That is great info Fede!!! Thanks a lot!

Do you happen to know the case length?

Alex, I don’t have a drawing showing the exact case length, but this cartridge is made by expanding the neck of an unmodified Cal. .50 case and then fire-forming it in the 14.5 mm JDJ chamber, so it would be around 99 mm.