14.5x114 Identification

Any ideas on this 14.5x114 headstamp? "334 91"
Besides the unknown code (one source claims it to exist on 12.7x108 also) the arrangement is unusual.
It is just a single case.

Hi Alex,

the code “334” can also be found on Chinese 30x155B NR-30 cartridge cases. These are brass-washed steel, not lacquered green or grey.
I have seen such cases at the largest private collection in the US.

From the colour of your 14.5mm case and the same code on the 30mm case I would say that it is Chinese from 1991.

PS: Still unknown remains the code “334” found on Soviet fuzes though …

Yes, I went for chinese but wondered who it actually is. The reverse stamped manufacturer makes it even more weird.

Russian 334 is also making land mines and non-artillery fuzes.