14.5x114 Manufacturer

I am looking for manufacturer with code 46. Anybody knows? Case is 14.5x114 PTRS/PTRD.


Manufactured by Krasnyi snaryazhatel’, Sverdlovsk, URSS.

An article in the IAA Journal Issue 450, Jul/August '06, by Dr. Philippe Regenstreif, gives the same location, but a different name, from that by did Fede. His entry, on page 10, shows the name as simply “Ammunition Factory, Moscow-Kutsevo, until 1941, moved to Sverdlovsk (ex-Iekaterinenburg) in 1942, active there during the last part of WWII.”

However, on page 11, under code 356, he says “Sverdlosk Ammunition Factory, Sverdlosk (ex-Iekaterinenburg, name changed from the Bolshevik Sverdlov). MAY BE THE SAME AS CODE #46.” (The capital letters, to emphasize this comment, are mine. JLM).

Just mentioned here for the record. I have no personal knowledge of the name in either case.

John Moss

John, this factory is also listed as "Kuntsevo Cartridge Plant No. 46 “Red Equipment” (Красный снаряжатель). When they made this 14.5x114 it was located in Sverdlovsk.



Fede - that corresponds to what Phillipe said, except that he spelled the name “Kutsevo,” without the “n”. I don’t have any personal knowledge of which spelling is correct.


Krasnyi snaryazhatel’ - 1928-1932, Kuntsevo
Plant №46 - 1933-1941, Kuntsevo
Plant №46 - 1941-1945, Sverdlovsk

The original #46 ceased ammunition production in 1945 and switched to air defense systems.

Today code #46 is still in use by the Noginsk branch of Pribor and they are making medium calibers.

Thank you everyone! I didn’t expect so much information.

Hooke - thank you. I don’t always trust Wikipedia for anything, frankly, but with the District Flag, etc., that looks pretty official to me. Besides, I trust your knowledge of it. I appreciate the information. I am kind of a stickler about getting the spelling of foreign languages right, maybe because I am so poor in my knowledge of speaking and understanding any.

Ciao, amigo.