14.5x114mm headstamp question

hello my friend I have an API 14.5X114mm head-stamp 21 78. can please identify the manufacturer . i think it’s made in Poland please correct me.


Well if you look at 12.7 x 108 and 14.5 x 114 Ammunition by Labbettt & Brown (1990) they list this as Hungarian. But if you read the discussion here (2007): viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2582 , it is Romanian.

In addition if you look at other Polish manufactured small arms ammunition the date is inverted (upside down) when reading the factory code.


Thank brain , so finally you think it’s Romanian

Labbett and Brown were incorrect as 21 in Hungary never made any 14.5x114.

Also the finish of the 21 in question here is Romanian.