14.5x114mm projectile dimensions

Hello, I am doing a research about the 14.5mm, full metal jacket with a boat tail, but I could not find anywhere information about the ogive radius, the angle of the boat tail, the diameter of the meplat and other projectile parameters. I’ve even tried searching in russian, without any success. Where could I find this type of information?

There is a diagram of the case anyway, at the website ammoguide.com, which might not be entirely viewable to non-members of that site, and so the link and a screen-grabbed photo are below. Also, being a member of E.C.R.A., the European Cartridge Research Association would allow one access to their ECRA data-viewer, which has information on cartridge dimensions & projectiles.


According to my notes the B-32 has the following data.
diameter: 14.93 mm
total length: 66.7 mm
boattail: 9 degrees (what else? all know its not the optimum but nobody cares), 10 mm long
ogive: radius 105.4 mm, length 35.35 mm
meplat radius 1.4 mm (not a flat but rounded tip)
length of bullet outside the case: 42.3 mm

Thank you very much, I’ve spent literally 10 hours looking for this information.