14.5x114mm question

Years ago I saw a B/W photo of a 14.5mm round with a non-streamlined bullet, and cannon style rotating band. The shape of the bullet was reminiscent of the 7.92x57mm panzer geschoss. This was different from both the B-32 and BS-41. Any information about this round would be greatly appreciated.

Are you sure it was a 14.5x114 and not a French 15x113 SFM?

I am unfamiliar with the French round you name. It sure looked like 14.5x114, and was described in the text as such. The photo appeared in an Ian V. Hogg book on small arms published in the 1970’s. Give me a few days, and I might be able to locate the volume and scan the image for your review.

Thanks for your interest.

Yes, seeing the images would be helpfull.
Unfortunately Hogg is not the best source for precise info on ammunition.