14.5x114mm rifle clip

Here is an interesting clip that you do not see very often. The cartridges are not original to this clip, just whatever I had available to include in the photo. The .30 Garand clip is shown just to illustrate its scale. Yes, I too have noticed that the Garand clip is incorrectly loaded, but not before I photographed it!

I’ll let you work out what rifle it fitted.


Russian PTRS AT rifle

Gravelbelly - shame on you. Slap those long rounds home on your helmet before the enemy gets to you, or you won’t be able to load that Garand. Teasing you - good you noticed after the picture was taken. I love the Garand, but that illustrates one of the few things that will stop one quick!


Shame on me indeed, and I pride myself on being a bit of a clip specialist! I just picked a Garand clip out of the drawer and a handful of inert rounds for it, a bit rushed as I wanted to use natural light and a big black raincloud was headed my way. I later tried banging the base of the clip on a wood block to see if the rogue cartridge would jump into the groove but it didn’t work for me.


Heres a nice site about weapon,clip and ammo


and a clip with satchel.

I am looking for a clip for my PTRS!!! If anyone has one for sale please let me know.

email - channelsurfer911@hotmail.com

Thanks, :D

What is the headstamp of the cartridge with the unpainted bullet tip?