14.5×114mm Soviet blank?

Is this a typical 14.5×114mm Soviet blank?
Magnetic casing, brass primer and paper wad.

Beautiful case!!

No, this is not Russian / Soviet, if Albania did 14.5, then this is it)

This is a blank made by Cugir in Romania.

Yea, it is a really nice lacquer they coated it with.

Another question is, what would you use a blank for in 14.5 x 114 Soviet?

I guess for the same purpose all blanks are made for?

Salute or launch?


Nothing known that could be launched from any gun in 14.5x114.


So 86 is the year?


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Two on the right are “83” and the left is the same as Joe shows “86”. Choices of color!

Nice picture Pete. Thanks for sharing.

Just strikes me odd as why a noise blank for 14.5 x 114 Soviet.

Joe, I am not sure what you have in mind. These are blanks for the gazillion of KPV machine guns outta there. All the soldiers have to train somehow and exercises have to be the what they are; noisy.
It is like asking why .50 blanks do exist.

I also have one with a green wad in the mouth headstamp is:
“3 star 72 star”
Does the wad color signify anything other than being made by a different country / time?

Pete, the colors are more of a national habit and I never saw a document stating on a possible significance.
Your’s here is made by UPZ of Ulyanovsk (USSR/Russia).

The USSR is mainly known for green while Romania normally is red.

Thanks Alex, what I thought, but also thought I should ask.


Yes, very true. For some reason my mind is always with small arms blanks, not practically canon size rounds like 14.5, but they probably even have blanks for battleship guns.

I didn’t know that Romanians happen without a manufacturer’s indication, here there are blank ones in calibres 12.7Х108,14.5Х114 and 23Х152В

I did not meet in caliber 30X165.

For most land based automatic guns also blanks do exist. Same goes for tank and anti-tank guns. And The Russian made even one for the recoilless 73mm SPG-9.
The largest designated blank load (in a case) I know of the top off my head is a 152mm.
Most above are bag charges and there I do not recall having seen “blanks”.

The first Soviet experimental blank 14.5 mm during WWII were for throwing anti-tank grenades from PTRDs