14.5x20R Kleinkanone

I diged out those four Kleinkanone bullets. As I read on municion.org green tops are 6sec variety made after war till 50’s. Is that true? It’s strange for me cause I found them at old german shooting range in Poland, so its impossible that they were used here after war…



You sure mean “Kleinstkanone 34”.

The projectiles made after 1945 are identical with those made before 1945 - till the design changed to the 51mm case.
Also the Czechs made (and still do) these rounds. But there I am not 100% sure how their first model looked like.

You’s here are most likely German pre 1945.

Yes, you 're right. I am just asking becouse I never found any confirmation about this information on municion.org:

"Several types of projectile were manufactured. I have documented at least the following:

  • Tracer, red tip
  • Fumigant, fuze with 3 seconds delay (M181 A1), yellow tip
  • Fumigant, fuze with 3 seconds delay (M181 A1), yellow tip
  • Fumigen with internal interior fuze (M183 A1), yellow tip
  • Tracer smoke, red tip and yellow band or blue tip.

2 variants of postwar, the 6 seconds with the projectile head painted green with a 6 die cut and the 9 seconds with the head in violet and a 9 die cut. The capsule is brass sealed with green lacquer."

Sorry for bad translating!
My have green tops. It does not give me sleep;)