14.66X35 Serbian Peabody?

Picked this up at the Kansas show.
Not sure what it is.
14.65mm .585" bullet
16.44mm .648" head
18.98mm .748" rim
35.73mm 1.414" case length


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Interesting designs and cartridge.
Looks like a "young Snider cartridge " ( not fully grown)

And the Cost!!! 60 gold Francs per
1000!Empty Primed Cases, and Lead Bullets 20 Gold Francs per 1,000!
There is no indication of cost of loaded ammo, but I assume about 100 Gold Francs per 1000 rounds???
What was a Gold Franc worth in 1885, against US dollars or Pounds Sterling???

Also the case drawing shows the Base Reinforce for the Folded Head Case…a matter I am working on to Strengthen CBC 24 ga. Cases to make both Snider and MH cases stronger.

Keep up the Good Work!!!


For bdgreen - Your live photo is probably U.S. transformed cartridge 58 Roberts CF. I think, that both are interchangeable.