.14 Caliber Rimfire Wildcats


Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has the dimensions (or a specimen you could measure) for any .14 caliber rimfire wildcat.
I know there are quite a few of them:
.14 Eisenburgh
.14 Eisenburgh Magnum
.14 Kopp Short Case
.14 Kopp Long Case
.14 Hornet
.14-.22 OTTR
.14 Eichelberger
.14 Eichelberger Magnum
.14 Alton Jones
If you have the dimensions of any of these cartridges it would help me greatly. I am interested in the following measurements: Bullet diameter, Neck Diameter, Shoulder Diameter (if bottlenecked), Base diameter, Rim diameter, and Case length.


check with Ed Reynolds as he has put many of these together.


Vic, thanks for the lead. I can shoot him an email.