14 gauge pinfire rifle cartridge

I am searching info about a 14 gauge pin fire rifle cartridge for a french double rifle, built by Devisme of Paris in 1861.
A 14 g pinfire shot cartridge fits the chamber. Chamber is 70,4 mm (2,75") long.
Bullet would have a diameter of 18,1 mm (0.712")


I have 2 pinfire rifles in 8ga and 12ga. Both chambers are much shorter than the usual shotshell chambers. My 12ga has a 50mm case length.It seems the extra case length was not needed with the projectile seated over a wad? and no spacers needed.
I would think your chamber is actually much shorter? Check with a brass cartridge case.
It stops at the end of the chamber. Of course your rifle could actually be 70mm chamber?
I have seen short cased 14 ga Pinfire rifle cartridges but do not own any.
These are just my thoughts on your posting.

Thank’s for your answer, we made a sulphur casting of the chamber. It might have been loaded with a felt filler, like a shotgun case, which would give the shooter the possibility to load a shot cartridge.
Do you have any pictues of the cartridges for your rifes? Could help us reconstruct the cartridge for this rifle.
The rife belongstoa friend, and he wants to take it out for a hunt, just once.
Among Devisme’s customers was Jefferson Davis and general Lee

put a drawing of your chamber, it will help.

I have 2 14 gauge pin fire empty shells both eley different stamps I can post them if that would be of
help to you of course they are paper not brass but I have standard ones in 14 gauge empty brass
if they are help full in any way

Thank you for the offer, I think we have established that it is a 14 gauge, we are waiting for a close by collector to come up with a couple of cases,
The 14 g brass sounds interesting, is that pin or center fire?

That is only center fire empty brass